Founded on Service First.

Pairing top talent with best-in-class marketing technology partners to create a service-first approach to marketing technology challenges.
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Our Mission

To provide superior professional services empowering our customers to successfully execute their marketing and customer experience vision by leveraging the appropriate technologies.

Our Vision

Be the trusted leader in Enterprise Customer Experience & Marketing Technology Services.

Our Story

CLEARGOALS is an Enterprise Marketing Technology consultancy founded in 2008 by Benoit Stephenson and Domenico Farinaccio. With 320+ years combined experience in the IT/EMM space, CLEARGOALS pairs top talent with best-in-class marketing technology partners to create a service -first approach to marketing technology challenges.

CLEARGOALS provides traditional enterprise software services – including implementations, integrations, training, database architecture, customized solutions, and configuration services – along with marketing agency programs and staff augmentation for marketing departments.
Headquartered in New York City with offices in the United States, Canada, and France. CLEARGOALS has a bench of knowledgeable experts serving top brands globally with high precision.

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Our Values

CLEARGOALS is built on defining values that shape our culture and embody our entrepreneurial spirit. Our core values speak to what we believe, who we hire, and how we do business.

This means we deliver! CLEARGOALS engages with our clients from start to finish in order to provide them the
quality work they expect and deserve. We continue to be accountable and reliable to the customers and partners
we serve taking great pride in bringing projects to the finish line with customization and efficiency.

What are the attibutes that CLEARGOALS possesses to inspire confidence? We pride ourselves in being reliable, respectful and honest by delivering what is asked of us and always putting our clients’ needs first. We do this with open communication as well as listening intently so that we are better able to serve them. This helps us to be adaptable and make decisions that are in the best interest of our clients. As a result, confidence and trust are established and maintained.

We must establish a positive mindset. Whether we are supporting our clients or in the office, it’s important to maintain an optimistic attitude where one can envision opportunities and positive results. Creating this specific culture will allow us to improve relationships and offer better solutions for our clients.

Innovation is vital in today’s workforce even more so in the technology space. It’s critical to be creative and think outside the box to formulate great solutions and deliver them to our customers. We can achieve this by continually pushing ourselves to learn the latest trends in our field, participate in professional development opportunities, and share our passions with colleagues. As a result, CLEARGOALS employees become lifelong learners who continue to grow and evolve and push ourselves to achieve the utmost success for our clients. As the author Jim Collins
said, “Good is the enemy of great.”

It’s always important for our colleagues, customers, and partners to see that we are considerate. CLEARGOALS employees should be caring, respectful of others, and open to hearing one another’s perspectives. We must keep in mind the impact of our actions when interacting with others. Even if you disagree with one’s opinion or thoughts, it’s important to actively listen, acknowledge what’s said, and process the information before reacting. One who is considerate takes into account one’s feelings, is prudent, and shows awareness which in turn will go a long way in sustaining relatioships with our clients.

At CLEARGOALS, we aim to do our best and always deliver. We don’t try to just meet our goals and objectives, we strive to reach above and beyond for our customers. When we fall short of delivering, we reflect on how to better ourselves and the situation so we can improve the client’s experience

In order to have a successful team, we need to collaborate. This is critical when we are all working towards a common goal. Collaboration leads to better projects, more successful outcomes, higher engagement, efficiency, innovation, productivity and overall, more favorable employee satisfaction.



Benoit Stephenson

President & CEO


Sean Barclay



Carl Chebli

Director of Operations


Juliana Daud

Managing Director, Professional Services


Tetyana Savenko

Managing Director, Professional Services


Darin Sarlabous

Senior Managing Director, Professional Services


Ratheekan Tharmaratnam

Managing Director, Professional Services


Aman Dhariwal

Managing Director, Professional Services


Camelia Bodea

Managing Director, Program Management

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