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Unica Campaign & interact (HCL)

Attract and delight new and existing customers with personalized, multi-channel experiences with Unica Campaign.

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Unica Campaign

HCL Unica Campaign is an advanced campaign management solution that delivers customer targeting at scale with powerful segmentation capabilities for outbound, multi-channel, multi-wave batch campaign execution and tracking. 

Unica Interact

Real-time personalization of customer experiences, offering the next best action for your customer engagement across all channels.

Unica Journey

Goal-based orchestration solution used to visualize, create, execute, and measure personalized omnichannel customer experiences. 

Unica Optimize

Campaign optimization solution that allows you to define the optimal contact strategy for each customer across time, offers, channels and multiple marketing campaigns.  

Unica Deliver

Integrated digital messaging solution, providing timely and personalized communications. It is used to conduct outbound bulk messaging and transactional messaging campaigns. 

Unica Link

A low code, open, point & click framework for all your 3rd party touchpoints and MarTech. It allows you to easily integrate new channels to your existing Unica Campaign or Journey.

Unica Discover

Provides behavioural insight into the online user journey, allowing you to deliver the kind of optimized experience that improves conversion and makes users want to visit again.

Unica Plan

Marketing Resource Management solution to collaborate on end to end planning, execution and management of your marketing initiatives. 

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Implementation +

Complex integrations, implementations, and custom developments.

Strategy + Process

CLEARGOALS can help you select and implement new technology, define a roadmap for the future, or simply identify how to get more out of the tech you already have.

Data + Digital Marketing

Better understand, organize, and leverage your data to make smarter decisions with lasting impacts.

Training + Coaching

We offer fully customized training and coaching classes, tailored to your company culture, goals, technology platforms, and current foundational knowledge.


We provide highly qualified personnel with a deep understanding of operational and technical components of specialized marketing stacks.

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With our qualified team, we’ll make sure you receive best in class service.


subrat badhra

Manager, Professional Services


camelia bodea

Managing Director, Program Management



Technical Manager, Business Solutions Architect 

Krithika VITTAL

Krithika VITTAL

Manager, Developers in Professional Services



Principal Business Solutions Architect



Senior Technical Consultant

Vandana Pareek

Vandana pareek

Senior Business Solutions Consultant

Jackson Kwan

Jackson KWAN

Junior Developer in Professional Services

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