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Discover more about Salesforce specialized Education Cloud applications designed for enrolment and admissions, student achievement, as well as advancement and alumni connections. Additionally, dive into the most recent advancements in educational intelligence.

  1. Recruiting Console: Organize your day’s most crucial tasks on a single, functional homepage.
  2. Actionable Lists: With sophisticated list building, you can quickly segment prospects for target campaigns and calldowns.
  3. Real-Time Prospect Engagement: Using customized online experiences, engage prospects at the ideal moment to have the biggest impact and raise awareness of your institution.
  1. Applicant Portal: Apply online quickly and easily with customized portals that you can set up with a few clicks rather than writing code. 
  2. Admissions Console: A single, easily navigable homepage for managing important tasks and monitoring applicant activity.
  3. Application Review: Process and evaluate applications from a single system quickly to save time.
  4. Organizing Video Calls and Interviews: Make sure applicants have an easy time setting up in-person or virtual meetings with admissions officers. 
  5. Enrollment Support: Using individualized care plans for each accepted student, proactively prevent summer melt.
  1. Unified Student Record: Quickly gain a 360-degree perspective of each student by utilizing data from all of their connected systems and support systems.
  2. Data-Driven Alerts: Generate, automate, and compile alerts to quickly identify and assist students who require assistance.
  3. Care Plans: Personalized plans that address obstacles and work toward goals can help students stay on track.
  4. Support Program Management: Keep track of services and programs related to careers and wellness to provide comprehensive support and assess the impact on various departments.
  5. Streamline appointment scheduling across devices by centralizing advisors, instructors, and staff into a single scheduling tool.
  1. Guided Setup Experience: Admins can quickly get started with simple configuration and activations.
  2. Real-Time Insights: Give hiring managers, admissions officers, counselors, advisors, and leadership the tools they need to seize opportunities and act immediately in the workplace.
  3. Task Organization: Make sure groups are using milestone metrics and useful visualizations to track their progress.
  1. Alumni Portal & Directory: Across class years and interests, encourage meaningful connections and engagement through the alumni portal and directory. 
  2. Donor insights driven by data: Gain a holistic understanding of engagement and giving to motivate donations and optimize portfolio management.
  3. Simplified Gift and Pledge Management: Reduce laborious gift recording, maximize gift processing, and streamline financial reconciliation.

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