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Powering customer-centric interactions with deep personalization between brands and customers in real-time.

Power At Your Fingertips

Multi-Channel Marketing Workflow

Create deep marketing workflows across SMS, push and email that build a real connection between customers and brands.


Access high level reports on all the campaigns and canvas or have a closer look with segmentation reporting.

Intelligence Suite

Allow Braze to make some of the decisions for you, with “Intelligent Timing” and A/B testing, which will automatically select the more successful interaction option.

Be proactive

Leverage Braze with CLEARGOALS

Market Up

What We can Do for You

Braze Onboarding

Get your Braze implementation jumpstarted with Braze Onboarding.

Braze Audit

An in-depth look at how you’re currently working in the platform while identifying any areas for improvement.

Marketing Strategy

Create a complete marketing strategy while optimizing the full capabilities of Braze.

Personalization optimization

Expand the possibilities of the data you are already ingesting to your messaging and segmentation.

Braze Support

Guidance and direction for your team’s queries and/challenges.

Braze Graphic

Optimized messaging

Cross Channel Campaigns

Easily build dynamic audiences in no time and implement personalized customer journeys with the intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

our certified consultants

your certified team

With our qualified team, we’ll make sure you receive best in class service.


Malcolm Hanley

Manager, Professional Services


Selin Ozoglu

Principal Business Solutions Consultant


Juliana Daud

Managing Director, Professional Services


Andrea Hernandez

Senior Business Solutions Consultant

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