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Automation & Guided Selling

Increase Your Revenue

Use Salesforce automation to lay the groundwork for increased revenue. AI-powered deal insights and guided selling can help you close deals more quickly. Forecasts and pipeline visibility let you predict future sales. Easily expand with automated workflows and sales processes, all based on the most reliable AI CRM for sales.


Discover more about Salesforce specialized Sales Cloud CRM and benefit from ongoing developments in artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and enhanced mobile capabilities to further optimize your sales and operational processes.

Emails, events, and other kinds of interaction activities can be automatically recorded in CRM. Create a single source of truth by managing activity data related to pertinent leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities in one location. With out-of-the-box reporting that provides visibility into selling activities at scale, you can easily concentrate on what really matters.

Connect with customers and track deals across every channel. Use AI to prioritize the best leads based on the customer profiles that drive the most revenue. Increase rep efficiency with actionable, prioritized to-do lists right in Salesforce.

Lead sellers through the sales process to expedite deals. Whether in CRM or on the go, get deal-specific insights and quickly combine opportunity and account data for a single customer profile.

Create precise predictions in real time to promote steady growth. Adjust metrics to reflect organizational objectives. Having a common understanding of the best deals and emerging trends will help to hold people accountable and maintain focus.

Pipeline management and upkeep in a unified view. Utilize integrated charts to monitor changes over time. With AI’s assistance, concentrate on the most crucial deals and use deal insights to offer proactive coaching.

A variety of creative reporting tools can be used to motivate action from data. Dashboards make it simple to see metrics and swiftly delve into the main factors influencing sales performance. Easily monitor the volume of leads, activity conversion rates, and sales pipeline. Customize dashboards and reports to provide each member of the sales team with the data they require to close deals more quickly.

Boost seller productivity by automating intricate workflows and sales processes with drag-and-drop ease. In order to maximize account coverage and meet sales targets, oversee and uphold territory assignments.

Standard and templated quotes that are linked to sales opportunities help close deals more quickly. With automated workflows located right within Salesforce, you can expedite the contract approval process.

With the help of the mobile app and browser extension, access and update CRM from anywhere. Work together amongst teams to seize sales opportunities fast. To keep teams and customers informed at every stage, create mutual account plans and share information, files, and data.

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Complex integrations, implementations, and custom developments.

Strategy + Process

CLEARGOALS can help you select and implement new technology, define a roadmap for the future, or simply identify how to get more out of the tech you already have.

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Better understand, organize, and leverage your data to make smarter decisions with lasting impacts.

Training + Coaching

We offer fully customized training and coaching classes, tailored to your company culture, goals, technology platforms, and current foundational knowledge.


We provide highly qualified personnel with a deep understanding of operational and technical components of specialized marketing stacks.

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