Training +

CLEARGOALS’ MarTech training services are not a one-size-fits-all approach. We offer fully customized training and coaching classes, tailored to your company culture, goals, technology platforms, and current foundational knowledge.

Course Offerings

CLEARGOALS’ offers in-person and virtual curated training plans that are platform, timing, expertise level, and goal specific. Training is delivered using CLEARGOALS’ training environment with a demo database. Classroom style training and shoulder-to-shoulder coaching are available to remove technology barriers, increase adoption, and generate a return on investment.

Ongoing Support

A long-term learning plan is developed for all training and coaching clients. This includes a follow-up plan, recommended training, health-checks, and support. Training schedules are included with implementations, transitions, and custom solutions. All CLEARGOALS clients are given opportunities to join in product-specific webinars and receive status updates on new tech and best practices.

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Begin developing your training plan with an initial system overview.